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InterCom partners with companies and government agencies to develop
novel intellectual property for Internet-based applications.

Network Edge Technology
With Intel Corporation, we are experimenting with OPES (Open Pluggable Edge Services), a concept whereby digital content is streamed to a caching proxy at the network edge, where value-added services (e.g., virus scanning, bandwidth adaptation, local data insertion, content blocking/filtering, stream control) are performed.

Network Performance
With Lockheed Martin, we are generating a suite of network performance monitoring tools that will be used to answer "what if" questions in the context of performance parameters for military (especially submarine) computer networks.

Intelligent Internet Search Agents
With, we have automated the harvesting of corporate information from the WWW by building a set of Internet search agents that can explore corporate directories and build a database of companies operating in a given business sector. Our automated agents added 600,000 businesses to the master directory in two weeks time.

Web-based Databases
With, we are conducting surveys and gathering data with which we will build a web-enabled database of industry best practices.

Streaming Digital Ultrasound
With the UVA Office of Telemedicine, we are building a new system to compress digital ultrasound audio and video to 1.2 Mbps and distribute it to doctor's homes and remote offices via DSL lines.

Internet Movie Server
With Off Hollywood Network, Inc., we are building a unique Internet movie server that distributes movies over LANs (for ships) and over DSL lines (for homes). The unique aspect of the research is that the computational and communications load on the movie server is constant, regardless of the number of viewers.

Electronic Commerce
InterCom produces e-business software that helps promote electronic commerce, and we partner with CIT and private companies to investigate, design, develop, implement, test, and field e-commerce software.

Internet Technology Innovation Center
The Internet TIC, a consortium of fifteen R&D groups at seven Virginia universities, has fundamental expertise in e-commerce, Internet multimedia, fiber optic and wireless access technologies, digital libraries, knowledge management, distance learning, and high-speed Internet promotion within Virginia's schools, state agencies, and private companies. We partner with companies to develop innovative solutions in the Internet space.

Communications Protocols
With our partner Reliacast, Inc., we develop and deploy network communications protocols with unique features such as multicast, multicast group management, network traffic shaping, selective retransmission, and selective error control.

Virginia, the Internet State
In keeping with our mission to foster the perception of Virginia as being the "Internet State," the Internet Technology Innovation Center has sponsored two Internet conferences. Virginia Internet Technology Week 1999 was held in Blacksburg during September, 1999; it provided five days of keynote speakers and professional development seminars. VIT2000 in Williamsburg in September, 2000, featured three days of speakers and professional development seminars on the specific topic of e-commerce. Attendance was 300+ at each.

E-business Software
We produce web-enabled software that promotes electronic commerce. Five current products include:

SurveySuite (
A web-based system for creating and managing electronic surveys

OutreachVirginia (
A web-searchable database of 300+ public service programs offered by the University of Virginia

Retired Projects:

A searchable database of high-tech companies

Brainpower for Business
A searchable database of university intellectual assets for businesspeople


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